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How to Prepare
Physically & Spiritually
For the Challenges Ahead
By Jack Allis

These are times of monumental transformation, in which one world is coming to its inevitable end, setting the stage for the creation of a new and totally different one.  These intensely challenging times present us with the blessing of an exceedingly rare opportunity to transform ourselves, and our world.  This is no easy task.  These are times that demand the utmost of us as spiritual warriors and multi-dimensional beings.
This is not a time for talk, but for action – spiritual action.  In my last article, I concluded by saying that the most important thing we can do during these challenging times is to prepare, both physically and spiritually.  But how do we do this?  What steps are involved?
Let’s begin with preparing physically.  This begins, very simply, by reassuming complete responsibility for our own lives.  The old paradigm, in which we were all conditioned and programmed, is a dependency system, in which we are tricked into giving away our personal power in return for the promise of being taken care of from cradle to grave.  Reassuming responsibility means reclaiming our power as free, multi-dimensional spiritual beings, with supernatural powers yet untapped, and fully capable of taking care of every aspect of our lives.
Because we have been rendered so powerless, this is a tremendous challenge, which takes total commitment and work.  It is also a task that no one person can do by themselves.  It can only be done as part of a community of like-minded and kindred spirits.  That’s getting ahead of ourselves, but let’s keep it in mind as we move along.  Our long-term goal here is to learn how to live again in communities that are self-sustaining and in harmony with the web of life.
The first steps are things we are all capable of doing, regardless of our situation if life.  It starts with freeing our minds from the clutches of the world that enslaves us.  We must learn to understand the matrix of illusion that surrounds us.  Without this understanding, it is impossible to break free from it.  As free, evolving spiritual beings, we must also learn how to reprogram our minds.  One of the ways we do this is by practicing thinking about sustainability.  Ask yourself questions like, “If the infrastructure was to go down, where would I get my water and my food?  How would I stay warm in the winter?”  You don’t even have to do anything – just think about it.  It’s like setting the table for when the time does come to act.  When that time comes, you’re ready, and you start by doing the little things, like storing clean water in five gallon bottles or canned food with long shelf life.
It is imperative to begin to take steps to remove ourselves from the mainstream dependency system.  Yes, this is a daunting task, as this is a sticky wicket.  Just ask anybody who has ever stopped using their social security number or paying their taxes.  Once again, we can begin with the little things.  We can remove ourselves from the clutches of the medical establishment by practicing preventive health and going to natural healers.  We can take our children out of public schools, and educate them at home.  And for those who are stuck in mainstream jobs, which are nothing more than a paycheck, you can start by freeing your emotional energy from it, so that it doesn’t dissipate and distract you from what really matters.
There is only one way to create the new Earth, during this critical time.  This is in sustainable communities of free and independent-thinking individuals, who have reconnected with their power as spiritual beings.  This is what we must prepare for.
Preparing ourselves spiritually comes hand in hand with preparing ourselves physically.  When we learn to live sustainably, we learn to reconnect with the forces of nature and with the web of life.  When we start to flow with these energies, we make the most important connection of all, and that is our connection with spirit or the spirit world.  This is the connection our civilized world has lost that is responsible for its demise.
Preparing ourselves spiritually means a couple of things.  It means working at our spirituality, which is continuously evolving, developing it, and practicing it.  Our ultimate goal here is to reach our full potential as multi-dimensional beings.  When a critical mass of us do this, the scales will begin to tip in our favor.
Ceremony is our most important tool to prepare ourselves spiritually.  Ceremony can take many forms.  Ceremony is anything we do to connect with spirit with our intent and with our vibration.  The ceremony in my life has a strong indigenous flavor, influenced by my recent experiences with Mayan Wisdom Keeper Tata Erick Gonzalez.  These consist of prayer, fire ceremonies, sunrise ceremonies, music, with drums, singing bowls and shakers, and singing, chanting, and more.  But different people can do this differently.  Meditation and yoga can be forms of ceremony.
With all indigenous people, ceremony is the most important thing in their lives.  It is the foundation and the medium of their relationship with spirit and with the spirit world.  And everything important that is manifested in their world, including material things, springs from this relationship with spirit.  Ceremony is also an important way that we receive the gift of the healing energies that the Earth and the Universe have to give.  It is also a way to cleanse our minds from the insanity of our conditioning, and reprogram ourselves with our prayers.  Indigenous ceremonies also show us how hard they work at their spirituality, with hours of ceremony every day.  Life itself becomes a ceremony.
With the indigenous, it’s never a question of being too busy for ceremony.  Ceremony always comes first.  This is especially true during this incredibly sacred time of transformation.  Never was a time so ripe for ceremony to prepare us for the challenges ahead, and to guide us to live with a vibration and with actions that serve the web of life.

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