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Navigating our Shifting World

What is Happening in the World
& What Can We Do About It?
By Jack Allis

You’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard about the ending of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012, and the Mayan prophesies, as well as those of countless other indigenous peoples, regarding this time of monumental transformation in which we are living, known as the shift.  And with the recent events in Japan and Egypt, the world economy on the brink, and people, like you and me, experiencing unprecedented change in our lives, we are witnessing the shift play out right before our eyes.  Everything’s right on schedule, and it’s all happening exactly as the indigenous prophesies told us it would.

Most people seem to have knowledge of all this, on some level, at least they pay lip service to it.  And yet, now that these things are happening, negative emotions are running very high, with a lot of shock, panic, and resignation that we’re too helpless to do anything about it anyway.  A lot of people are snapping under the stress of all the personal changes the shift is triggering.  The intensity of these emotions tells us that in spite of whatever knowledge people might have, they still don’t understand the true meaning of the shift.  It they did, they’d be handling it differently.

In light of this, let’s do a quick review of the true meaning of these times, and how we, as human beings, can not only survive these Earth changes and paradigm shifts, but how we can take advantage of this incredibly blessed opportunity to transform ourselves, and our world.  Let’s begin with the snapshot version of the true meaning of what’s happening here.  The shift refers to the shifting from one world, which has run its course, and which is approaching its inevitable end, to the opportunity to create a brand new world from its ashes.  The metaphors of the phoenix rising from the ashes or the butterfly emerging from the cocoon of the caterpillar are both apt.  Contrary to what many are telling us, this does not mean the world is going to come to an end.  It does mean that the world is going to be profoundly transformed.  It is fair to say that the world, as we know it, is going to end.

To make sense out of the shift, we must clear up two other major misconceptions.  The first is that the shift refers to a single point in time, as in a single date, where everything happens all at once, like a cataclysmic, big-bang event.  The date that is most often referenced is Winter Solstice 2012, and the event we hear the most about is the shifting of the Earth’s north and south electromagnetic poles.  However, this is not how the shift works, and again, all the ancient indigenous prophesies support this.

The shift is not a point, but a process, and it is a gradual one.  It is not a point in time, but a window of time of longer duration.  It is debatable how big this window is, but it really doesn’t make any difference because we do know for certain that we’ve already entered it.  The shift is happening, and it’s happening now.  We know this because we are witnessing it in the world around us, and for those of us who are resonating with these shifting energies, we know it because we can feel it, and we can see the shift transpiring in our personal lives.  This doesn’t mean there won’t be big-bang events, only that they will be feature of this longer process.

The other misconception is implicit in the first.  This is the notion that the shift is something that is going to happen in the world external to us.  Like the idea of a big-bang event, it is something that will happen to us, as passive onlookers.  This too is profoundly false, and all the indigenous prophesies support this too.  The energies of this transformation are everywhere in our world, and everything is included.  This includes us, human beings, each and every one of us.  As spiritual beings, we understand that we are co-creators of our world, and this applies, as well, to the shift.  The shift is an opportunity to create a new world.  There’s only one way this can happen, and this is by us making it happen.  We play a vital part in this transformation, and this begins with transforming ourselves.  And we are not alone in this.  All the elements of creation are playing their part in this great transformation, including Mother Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and every particle of the Solar System.  Mother Earth too is in serious need of a cleansing.  This is why she is behaving the way she is.

The shift is part of a 26,000 year cycle.  It is the same eternal cycle of birth/life/death & rebirth that we see played out on so many levels throughout our universe.  The shift is the part of the cycle that is the transition from death to rebirth.  One world is coming to its inevitable end.  This is the part that freaks most people out, for the obvious reason that this is the world they’ve chosen to live in, and they don’t want it to stop.  The world that is dying is the old paradigm world of our Western Civilization, which has been running the show on this planet since its emergence 6000 years ago in Babylon.  I fully realize this is hard for many to swallow, but the death of this world is not only inevitable, it is also an unimaginable blessing.  This is because this world is unsustainable and out of balance, and is responsible for a lifestyle that is so out of harmony with the forces of nature that it is destroying the very environment humans need to survive.  There is only one way this world can survive, and that is to change.  This is what the shift is forcing us to do now – or perish as a species.

So, what does this change consist of?  What is it we are called upon to do?  Here again, this is something all the ancient indigenous prophesies agree upon.  The shift is a process, and it is primarily a spiritual process.  The shift is moving from one world to the next, and we do this on the wings of our spirituality.  Our spirituality is the primary source of our protection in these times of monumental paradigm shifts and Earth changes, and the primary source of our power to create the new world.  These are times that will test us, and we will be facing many more challenges in the time ahead.  In order to survive and flourish, we must tap into the highest of our higher powers, and this is only possible through spiritual transformation.

This is the equivalent of reclaiming our full power as multi-dimensional, magical beings.  An essential first step in doing this is reassuming complete responsibility for ourselves and our life, both practically and spiritually.  On a practical level, we do this by learning to live sustainably again, in harmony with Mother Earth and with the forces of nature.  When the old paradigm world made the fatal wrong turn of worshipping at the altar of materialism, and controlling nature for this purpose, it lost its connection to spirit, and it lost its connection with the rhythm and flow of life and nature.  This is one of the primary reasons our world today is so imbalanced.  And these are the connections we must reestablish.

And we cannot rely upon the old paradigm system to save us.  Many people fall into the trap of believing that the way to get out of this mess is to reform the old paradigm.  Nothing could be further from the truth, unless you like going down with a sinking ship.  Einstein once said that it is impossible to fix a problem with the same thinking that created it.  We must remember that the old paradigm is a dying world, built on the foundation of unsustainable, destructive energy.  If we really want to reinvent ourselves and our world, it’s necessary to let go of the old paradigm.  If we’re stuck in some aspect of it, like in a dead end job to pay the bills, we must at least let go of it energetically, in our heart and spirit.  These must be free.

In fact, the old paradigm system strips us of our power as spiritual beings.  It is a dependency system, in which our masters at the top of the pyramid of power trick us into giving up our freedom and our spirit, in return for being taken care of (controlled) from cradle to grave.  As a result, we forget how to be masters of our own destiny.  There is only one way to create the new world, and this is as self-reliant, spiritual warriors, who have reclaimed the highest of our higher powers.  Once enough of us reach this point, there is nothing that can stop us.

Invariably, those who react with shock and fear to all the changes in the world are still clinging to the old paradigm world.  They are also people who have not yet overcome their fear of death, an integral feature of the spiritual path, but that’s another matter.  It is a tragic fact that these people will be in for a very rough ride in the times ahead.  A fundamental key to navigating these times of shift is to not fight these transformations, both internal and external, but rather to embrace them, and flow with them.  The choice is ours.  Our world is splitting in two, and it’s up to us to decide whether to embrace the decadent energy of a dying world, or the energy of a new world that is in its infant stages of taking shape.

We must also be wary of falling into the trap of getting caught up in our own personal dramas in a shifting world.  Many people are having their world ripped out from underneath them, and some are hitting rock bottom.  But here again, the shift holds immensely valuable lessons for us, and forces us to do what we should be doing anyway.  It forces us to look at alternatives to a world that clearly isn’t working.  And when our old paradigm world gets ripped from beneath us, there is one thing that always remains.  This is our connection to spirit.  And herein lies the most important lesson of all.  Our connection to spirit is all we ever really need.  Everything we manifest in this world, including our material things and our relationships, springs from our connection to spirit.  This is the true meaning of manifestation, and this is the source of our power to manifest the new world.

So ultimately, this is not about us.  It’s about something bigger than us.  It does begin with us, with us transforming ourselves spiritually.  Yes, this does take work, and total commitment.  But what better thing do we have to do with our time?

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