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Heading for the Hills and Completing the work in Mount Shasta

By Jack Allis

Usually, when I write an article, I focus on specific aspects of the great shift of the ages or spirituality, or on particular aspects of this that are pertinent to what’s happening in our world today.  I try to keep myself out of it as much as possible, as far as how I am experiencing these monumental changes in my own life personally.  After all, one of the most important lessons of the spiritual path is that it is never about us as individuals.  It is easy to maintain that just the opposite is true.  Ultimately, we reach a point on the spiritual path where we let ourselves go, so that we may optimally serve the creation, and serve the web of life of which we are a fundamental part.

This will not be the case here.  I am at a point on my personal path where I am bursting with all the magnificent and mysterious things that are happening.  Not only do I have a strong need to share, but I believe there are times when this is the best way to convey one’s message.  For me, this is such a time.  The same thing happened during the writing my most recent book, Prophesy, Challenge & Blessing – Visions of 2012 & the Shift, when I decided to start disclosing more of my personal experiences because they were such a perfect embodiment of everything I was writing about.  After all, spirituality is not about talk.  It’s about taking action, and it means nothing unless we can see it in action.

This is my fifth day in my new home in Mount Shasta, in the mountains of north central California.  I am living in a tiny cottage that feels like it is on the edge of civilization.  It is about three miles from the small town of Mount Shasta, and my backyard marks the beginning of thousands of acres of virgin Redwood forest and mountains.  Bear and coyote live in the neighborhood.  The nearest cities are Redding, California (one hour south) and Medford, Oregon (2 hours north).  This part of the world does indeed feel like an island unto itself.

There’s more.  One hour north, totally in the middle of nowhere, is Deer Mountain.  This is where Earth Peoples United (EPU –, founded by Mayan Wisdom Keeper Tata Erick Gonzalez, is in the beginning stages of building a sustainable community to survive these monumental times of transformation, and to provide a base to take advantage of this incredible opportunity co-create the new world.  I have attended ceremonial gatherings the last three summers at Deer Mountain, which were facilitated by several other Mayan Elders from Guatemala, as well as elders from other indigenous nations around the world.  These experiences have been profoundly transformative for me.  And it just so happens that the ancient Mayan wisdom, as carried and transmitted by Tata Erick, resonates beautifully with my own metaphysics and spirituality (reflected in my books and DVD’s), which has been developed over the last 40 plus years, from a multitude of diverse sources.  Deer Mountain (Mount Shasta too) is one of the most sacred spots on the planet, and possibly my future home.

I am almost 63 now, and I feel very strongly that moving to this area is the last move I will make in my life.  This is where my work will be completed, and I have no idea yet what that specifically means.  Many years ago, I made a total commitment to the work of the spiritual path.  My primary allegiance is to serving the creation, and a fundamental part of this is working to return humanity to a relationship of harmony with the forces of nature and with Mother Earth.  To some, that may sound like self-righteousness or bragging, but think about it for a minute.  In the indigenous world, this relationship with the creation is a given, and therefore, nothing special.  It’s the only way to make life in this world work, and that’s why they could sustain themselves, and our civilization cannot.

There is another fundamental aspect of the work of the spiritual path.  This is recognizing the awesome importance of these monumental times of transformation, known as the shift, as was prophesized by virtually every indigenous culture on Earth.  Once again, it’s not enough to simply be aware of this.  We must take spiritual action by participating in the shifting energies of this process, which is taking place on every possible level, macrocosmic and microcosmic, inside of us and outside of us.  As the Hopi are fond of saying, no stone shall be unturned.

As human beings, we live in a sea of forces, cycles and omens.  When we resonate with these energies, the creation will speak to us, and guide us.  Our old paradigm civilization has lost this connection, and that’s why it is in such a mess, and cannot sustain itself, unless this changes.  During this time of shift, the energies of our world are transformative.  When we resonate with transformative energy, it follows that what we experience will be transformative, both in the world internal to us, and external to us.  Stated simply, if we’re not changing, and if our world isn’t changing, we’re missing the boat.

For me, whatever is going to happen in relation to the shift is going to happen here, at this sacred place.  I have clearly been guided to this spot.  After all, my spirit guide, the Council of the Grandfathers, introduced itself to me on my second morning at Deer Mountain, three summers ago, during our sunrise pipe ceremony.  It doesn’t get much clearer than that.  Mount Shasta is one of the most powerful spiritual power points on the planet.  It is a vortex of incredible spiritual energy, and a portal to higher dimensions.  This is not to imply it is the only such place.  There are many other sacred sites all around the globe, and many other kindred spirits are being drawn to those.

I am here to resonate with this rarified energy for the purpose of my own spiritual ascension, and also to share the energy that flows through me with this world and with the creation.  This is connecting with the web of life, of which we are a co-creative part.  This is true for all kindred spirits who share this mission.  This can take many forms.  With me, it takes the form of my books and DVD’s, the ceremonial events I facilitate, and the individuals I help with personal and spiritual growth.  It also takes the form of the work we do to build a sustainable world, in harmony with Mother Earth, such as the community we are building at Deer Mountain.  And it takes the form of how we live each moment of our life, endeavoring to live with a vibration that is in harmony with spirit.

Another thing seems clear, to many of us.  It seems clear that the time is drawing near.  No sooner do I say that than I am forced to say that I have no idea what that means.  Unlike most of the other so-called experts on the shift, I spend very little time concerning myself with specific dates when it is all supposed to happen, such as Winter Solstice 2012, or with specific predictions about what is going to happen, such as a pass-by by a comet or the shifting of Earth’s magnetic poles.  This is a time of incredible convergence of factors and forces, and there are innumerable possibilities about what might happen, each of them just as reasonable as the others.  But it doesn’t make any difference anyway because the shift is not a point in time, but rather a process taking place over time.  And it is not one big-bang event, but many, and we’ve already had a bunch, like the earthquakes in Japan and the east coast of the US.  And it doesn’t make any difference because this time of shift has already started, and is well underway.  So, the only time that matters is now, this moment.

But I’ll say it again.  The time is drawing near, whatever that means.  And I say this for no other reason than I feel it, and I see it, which I know makes the scientists of the world crazy.  For the last several years, while I lived in Wisconsin, I’ve been saying that I had not yet received the guidance that the time had come to head for the hills, but that I knew that time would come, and when it did, I’d be gone in a flash.  That’s exactly what happened.  Early last summer, I was so bombarded by omens that the time had come to leave Wisconsin that I would have been blind to miss them.  These forces literally squeezed me out of Wisconsin, like paste out of a tube.  I really didn’t have much to do with it.  I decided to move to Mount Shasta, or somewhere in the vicinity of Deer Mountain, and I set a deadline of December 1 to leave Wisconsin.  I shifted much of the energy of my prayers and ceremonies into manifesting this move, and guidance to do it as seamlessly and effortlessly as possible.  I was settled into my new home by late September, and it took a grand total of one email and one phone call.

For me, the time came to head for the hills.  This means two things.  One is to get as far away as possible from large cities and densely populated areas.  The other is to be close to natural sources of water that come from deep within the Earth.  The cities will be places of unimaginable chaos when the old paradigm system finally collapses, as it inevitably will.  Our system of money looks like it could be the first to go, and could be the spark that topples the whole house of cards.  If not this, something else, and the time is upon us.  And clean water is the first step to living sustainably.  I currently have spring water coming out of my tap, and if the plumbing breaks, I can go up to the spring, and get it by hand.  Deer Mountain also has a natural spring.

It’s ironic that I’ve returned to California, after a ten year hiatus.  When I left Santa Barbara, after 16 years there, one of the many reasons was I was not wild about the idea of living in such an active, and potentially lethal, earthquake zone.  And now, here I am at the base of a dormant volcano, in an active range (see Mount Saint Helens).  There is a simple explanation for this.  Over the last ten years, I have come to believe more in the power of the supernatural than in the power of logic.  The divine spirit works in very mysterious ways, and we must always flow it, even if we don’t understand why.  And this brings us to another of the most important features of the shift, and something that I say over and over.  There is only one way we can survive these monumental earth changes and paradigm shifts, and this is with the higher power of our higher consciousness and our spirituality, and by plugging into the power of supernatural.  It is necessary for us to tap into our full potential as multi-dimensional spiritual beings.  Again, this may sound grandiose, but again, it is not, when you consider this was the norm for indigenous cultures that lived sustainably.  To do this, we must work at it, and the time to begin is now.  And when enough of us do this, and when we join together in the spirit to true sustainability, which means returning to our harmonious relationship with Mother Earth and with all the forces of nature, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

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