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Half-way through 2012 WHAT NOW?

Six Months of Ceremony!
By Jack Allis

It’s the end of July, and we’re over half-way through 2012, a year that many, including myself, see as massively significant in the history of our planet.  We are also rapidly approaching a specific date, Winter Solstice (12/21/12), or Oxlaju Baktun, in the Mayan calendrics, which most of those same people see as epically pivotal.  So, what better time than this to take a step back, and take a hard look at how all this is going.  Does the reality of what’s happening in our world match what was predicted or prophesized by those who see this as a time of monumental transformation from one age and one world to another.  And, after we see where we are, let’s take a look at where we’re going.  For those of us who believe that we are in the midst of massively transformative energies, what can we do at this time to participate in these energies, and play our part in this transformation?

Other than those who are totally oblivious or who just don’t care, there are really only two ways of seeing all this, and they are distinctly different, as in black and white, with no overlap.  Interestingly enough, this is precisely what is happening in our world.  As a result of the transformative energies of this time of shift, our world is splitting into two worlds.  One is the decadent old paradigm world of our civilization, which is dying, its energy dissipating because it is out of balance with natural and divine law.  The other is the new paradigm world.  This is a world with the power to sustain itself because it is devoted to reconnecting with spirit and with serving the web of life.  This world is still in its infancy, and is mostly formless, existing as potential, like a fetus in the darkness of the womb.

The old paradigm perspective about the state of our world, and the changes that were prophesized for 2012, would go something like this: “All the hubbub about 2012 is a lot of fuss over nothing.  We’re going through rough times.  We’ve done it before, and gotten through and we’ll do it again.  We’re half-way through, and the poles haven’t shifted, and the continents are still in place, and none of these things have happened.  Sure, you’ve got things like Japan, but those are isolated instances, and they always happen.  Yes, the institutions of our mainstream world are on historically shaky ground.  Our families are falling apart.  Our schools don’t work.  Our government is being run by a bunch of lying, stealing criminals.  At least 50% of the population has some form of chronic disease (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, mental disorders, addictions, etc.), which mainstream doctors are clueless how to treat, other than to medicate.  But we are surviving.  We are surviving a severe global recession and monetary crisis.  Our money still works.  There’s still food on the shelves, and the planes still take off on time, mostly.  Sometimes you have to go through the bad to experience the good.  We’ll be fine.”

The new paradigm perspective sounds completely different because it reflects a totally different world.  Here is how it might express itself: “Yes, everything is right on schedule.  The old world is dissolving.  We can see that and feel that.  This is a tremendous challenge for all of us because this is the only world we have ever known.  As we let go of it, we are forced to reinvent ourselves every moment, as we leap into uncharted territory.  But the old world is no longer our focus.  Our new focus is to resonate with the ever-changing transformative energy of these times, and to flow where the forces of nature and the divine spirit guide us.  Many of us are doing this, and many more all the time.  There is a great awakening at this time, as vast numbers of us remember who we are, and reconnect with our magical heritage as multi-dimensional spiritual beings with supernatural powers.  Those who are resonating with these shifting energies are experiencing incredible healing and personal and spiritual transformation.  As we continue on this path, we learn that the stakes are high, as in taking advantage of this exceedingly rare opportunity to recreate our world.  We also learn that we cannot do this alone, and we are guided to reach out to others who share our mission, and to form sustainable communities, where each serves the whole according to their calling.  There are many of us working at this.  When enough of these communities are formed, and when our numbers reach a certain point, referred to critical mass, we will have the power to change the world.”

For many people, this sounds too vague and has no meaning.  This is because of the obsession so many have with specific dates and predictions, such as December 21 2012, and with their need to be told precisely what’s going to happen, when and where.  I hope you can see how this is a fundamental misunderstanding of this process, and how our world really works.  In a divinely ordered universe, we are not innocent bystanders to what happens in our world.  This applies as well to this time of shift.  This is not something external to us, which is going to happen to us.  It is something we must participate in, and nothing is going to happen unless we make it happen.  This shift begins within the mind, heart and spirit of each of us.  And this takes commitment and work.

When it comes to dates and time frames, the only date that matters is this moment now.  That’s really all we need to know.  This time of transformation is not one single big-bang event, but rather is a process, taking place over time, during which there will be many big-bangs.  And we know that this process has begun.  We can see it happening, and we can feel it.  We have entered this window of time.  And don’t be fooled by the soothsayers.  Nobody knows the outcome of this, or how long it will take.  We know we are close, and we don’t have much time.  Mother Earth is clearly reaching her snapping point, as is our old paradigm world.

The same can be said for Winter Solstice 2012.  This is a highly significant date, as has been the entire year 2012, which has seen an unusual number of rare and powerful astronomical and astrological events and alignments.  At sunrise on 12/21/12, the Sun will be in direct alignment with Galactic Center, which is the intersection of the plane of the ecliptic with the plane of our Galaxy, the Milky Way.  This too is exceedingly rare and powerful, taking place approximately every 26,000 years.  What usually goes unmentioned is the fact that this same basic alignment has been in place on Winter Solstice since 1980, and will be until 2016.  This again supports the notion of a window of time, instead of a single point.  There are also a huge number of other forces that converge around 12/21/12, which we don’t have time to go into here.  So, does all this mean that something huge is going to happen on 12/21/12?  Maybe, but it’s just as likely to happen tomorrow, or in five years, or at any point during this process, which we can only estimate how to measure.

All of which tells us there is no point in waiting.  The time is now, and we must take action now.  But let’s get specific about this.  How do we do all this?  How do we resonate with these transformative energies?  How do we reconnect with Spirit?  How do we learn to live in a way that is in harmony with the forces of nature, and which serves the web of life?  The answer is a simple one.  We must prepare.  We must prepare both physically and spiritually.      Preparing physically consists of one basic thing, but this one thing branches out, and touches every aspect of our life.  Preparing physically means reassuming complete responsibility for every aspect of our lives, and doing this in a way that is in harmony with nature.  The old paradigm system, into which we have all been brainwashed, is a dependency system, in which we are tricked into bartering away our freedom and our spirit in return for the promise of being taken care of from cradle to grave.  Once caught in this trap, we become quite powerless, having forgotten how to do the most basic things in life, like think for ourselves.  Reassuming complete responsibility means reclaiming our power as multi-dimensional spiritual beings, who are not only capable of taking care of every aspect of our lives, but who insist on it.  This is primarily a practical task, taking place in the physical world, and involving such things as growing and storing our own food, with seeds we cultivate ourselves for future generations, finding clean sources of water, alternative sources of energy that are off the grid, and in general, doing for ourselves what we usually pay others to do for us.  As mentioned earlier, once on this path we quickly learn that this task is greatly facilitated by forming communities with other kindred spirits for this same purpose.  Living in such communities not only enhances our efficiency, but also our power, individually and collectively, physically and spiritually.

We must also prepare ourselves spiritually.  Contrary to what many believe, this also takes work.  This too doesn’t just happen by itself.  This is one of the many lessons we can learn from our indigenous sisters and brothers, who work tirelessly at their spirituality, and for whom ceremony is their primary vehicle to do this.  Ceremony is anything we do for the purpose of connecting with spirit with our intent, with our vibration, and with our actions.  Ceremony can take many different forms.  It can be very simple, like sitting comfortably, lighting a candle, breathing, and saying a prayer, which is talking to spirit.

Or it can be far more elaborate.  I just completed a 13 day Mayan ceremony with 11 other brave souls, called the 9-Fires, which was facilitated by a traditional Mayan Wisdom Keeper, Tata Erick Gonzalez, who I have been working with for three years.  This took place at Deer Mountain, north of Mount Shasta, where Tata Erick and his organization, Earth Peoples United (, are endeavoring to do everything we’re talking about in this article, most notably building a community capable of sustaining itself in harmony with Mother Earth.
Ceremonies like the 9-Fires are intensives.  They are major events in the lives of their participants.  They are done for the purpose of our personal healing and transformation.  They test us physically and spiritually, often bringing up our own unresolved inner demons, which we need to let go of by throwing into the fire.  And they guide us to see the next steps on our spiritual journey, and to take them.  Intensive ceremonies also work best when they are held in natural settings.  After all, our goal is to learn how to live intimately with Mother Earth and all of the other elements and elementals.  For the 9-Fires, we camped at Deer Mountain the entire time, which is very remote, and where the water and the air are pristine, and the only sound to ruffle the silence is the flowing of the creek.

Intensive ceremonies are also never limited to the time of the event.  You don’t just show up at the beginning and go home at the end, and that’s the end of it.  An essential feature of these ceremonies is preparation, which turns out to be a key component of the ceremonial and spiritual path.  For the 9-Fires, many of us prepared for over six months, in accordance with guidance from Tata Erick about materials we needed to bring and things we need to learn how to do.  Mayan fires aren’t made from wood, and we needed to gather all the herbs and plants that were used for our fires, preferably directly from nature.  We also needed to learn how to make our fires naturally, without matches or lighters.  And that’s just scratching the surface.

And though the 9-Fires ended a month ago, the ceremony continues, and it will for some time.  Not only do we continue to process what we learned, both consciously and subconsciously, but things continue to come up.  In addition, there is also a specific follow-up ceremony.  This is to make 9 pilgrimages to sacred sites around the world, where we will bury ashes from our fires and pieces of our Comals, which are the ceramic plates that held our fires.  I made my first pilgrimage up Mount Shasta a week ago, and I am in the process of planning and preparing for my second.

The 9-Fires was a major event in my life, and these energies have become a part of the fabric of my totality – body, mind, heart and spirit.  When we commit ourselves to the ceremonial path, and the use of ceremony as our primary means to practice and enhance our spirituality, this is how it goes.  Ceremony becomes the most important thing in our life, and we endeavor to live all of our life with the vibration and the intent of ceremony.  It also leads us to an important answer to the basic questions posed in this article.  What now?  Now that we’re perched at this precipitous time in the history of our world, what do we do?  How do we resonate with these transformative energies?  How do we play our part in this great transformation?  You already know the answer.  In addition to doing the work of taking responsibility physically, we prepare ourselves spiritually through the use of ceremony.

Never has a time been more ripe for ceremony.  If there’s one thing these transformative times call for, it’s lots and lots of ceremony, the more intensive the better.  Let’s go ahead and proclaim that the next six months, culminating in the Winter Solstice, or Oxlajuj Baktun, are a time of ceremony.

As we look at it now, at least in the world I live in, this is indeed the way it is setting up.  There are an unprecedented number of ceremonies, both indigenous and non-indigenous, set up for the upcoming Solstice.  I am going to guess that there are more of these than at any time in the history of our world.  Christmas is going to have some major competition this year.  And this is a world-wide phenomenon.  The indigenous prophesies for these transformative times come from every place on the planet.  Just think what’s it’s going to be like in places like Guatemala and Mexico, the heart of the Mayan world.  It will be an extravaganza.  Tata Erick is facilitating a ceremony to celebrate Oxlajuj Baktun in Guatemala, at Patziapa, on the shores of sacred Lake Atitlan, together with many other Mayan Wisdom Keepers, from his network there.  If you’d be interested in joining, check it out at

Let’s take a look at the energy of all this.  We are already moving through this intense field of transformative energies, in which no stone will be unturned.  Now add to this the energy of all these people in ceremony, from sacred sites around the world.  It will truly be a sight (site) to behold and be a part of.  I don’t know where I’m going to be yet.  I still have nine days of ceremony remaining at Deer Mountain this August, and I’m not going to think about it until that’s finished.  I know I am going to be at a sacred site, but I’m surrounded by them here in Shasta, so that’s not a stretch.  But wherever you live, there are sacred sites close by.  It’s just a question of finding them.  This entire planet was once a sacred site.  And I recommend this for everybody.  Find a sacred site that resonates with your heart and spirit at this incredible time, the closer to Mother Earth the better.  And if you don’t have a group to do ceremony with, find one.  And if you don’t find one, perform your own.  It’s easy.  Just light some candles, and breathe, and reach out to spirit with your prayers, your music, your songs, or however you do it.  Don’t miss this opportunity to resonate with these transformative energies, and to participate in them.


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