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DECEMBER 21 2012

The Time has Arrived!
Stay Close to the Fire
By Jack Allis

It’s early December 2012, as I write.  If it’s later than that when you read this, please don’t stop.  Many people see Winter Solstice 2012 as the end, and if this doesn’t come about, or if there isn’t some big-bang event, then none of it was worth bothering with anyway.  In fact, this is just the beginning, and there’s still going to be plenty to talk about.

Here we are!  We have arrived at this momentous time in the history of our world and our species, about which some of us have been talking for over a decade, some far longer.  It’s just a few weeks until Winter Solstice 2012 (December 21), a monumentally significantly date in virtually all the indigenous wisdom and prophesies, and a date that marks an astrological and energetic alignment that occurs every 26,000 years, in which the Earth and the Sun are in direct alignment with Galactic Center at sunrise on Winter Solstice.  We have arrived at a time, as many believe, when a vortex of energy is opening, creating doorways to higher frequency dimensions and to the world of the spirit.  If this is true, then we are now in that vortex.

But my focus here is going to be that single date, Winter Solstice 2012, December 21 (3 AM PST).  Yes, this is a monumentally significant single day, and point in time, specifically at sunrise, when the Sun rises at Galactic Center, which is the middle of the cross marking the intersection of the Ecliptic and our galaxy, the Milky Way.  But it is not significant for the reason most people think, which is nothing new.  What I’m about to say about the importance of this day is also something I am just now learning, which is so refreshing.  It’s funny how I am the author of two books and two DVD’s on the shift, and I have lived and breathed this subject for almost 10 years, and yet I am still learning.  I have learned it from Tata Erick Gonzalez (, a Mayan Wisdom Keeper, who has been my teacher for three and a half years, and I am hearing it echoed from other elders in Tata Erick’s circle.

I have always believed that the shift was more of a process, taking place over time, than it was any particular date, where there would be a big-bang event.  I still believe this is basically true.  Though I saw 12/21/12 as a highly significant date where many powerful forces converged, I didn’t see it as that much more significant than many other dates within this same window of time, on either side of 2012.  I didn’t believe this was necessarily the one date where something huge was going to happen that was going to change the world.  I often pointed to the fact that this same basic alignment with Galactic Center at sunrise on Winter Solstice is in place for 36 years, from 1980 to 2016, supporting the notion that we are dealing with a period of time, and not a single point.

Recently I heard Tata Erick talk on the subject of Winter Solstice 2012, or Oxlajuj Baktun in the Mayan Calendrics, and he put a considerably different spin on it.  He said we must think of it as a “moment,” and not as a period of time.  He added that we don’t necessarily know how long this moment will last.  We should think of it as a moment when a “beam of light” shoots through a portal.  He agreed that this alignment on Winter Solstice has been in place for 32 years, and will be for another 4, but added that 2012 is the energetic “peak.”  Sunrise on Winter Solstic 2012 is “the moment.”  We of Inter-American Council on Indigenous Spirituality send a message that for our lives to flourish, the sacred Fires must be kept alive within this time of the darkest nights. We are requesting that all participate either in our community gatherings on December 21st and 22nd or in the privacy of your own homes, by lighting a candle or building a special fire within your open fire places. This sacred fire is vital to the future.  Dec 21, 2012 will be the Changing time.

As multi-dimensional spiritual beings, our job then is to receive the gift of this energy and to resonate with it.  Connecting with this beam of energy is what empowers us to begin to move from the fourth world to the fifth (the fifth to the sixth in some systems).  How do we do this, practically speaking?  Ceremony is our most effective tool to raise the frequency of our vibration in this manner, both individually and collectively.  This is one of the many lessons we can learn from our indigenous sisters and brothers, for whom ceremony is their primary means of connecting with the world of the spirit.

I know it sounds silly to say this, but I’m going to anyway to make a point.  As I learn these things, and as I feel the energy of these times, Winter Solstice 2012 begins to look like the most sacred day in 26,000 years.  There is certainly nothing to equal it in my experience.  It is a day that calls to us to celebrate this day, and to devote the entire day, at least, to ceremony.  The time surrounding the Solstice, specifically 20 days on either side, is also calling us to make this a major time of ceremony.  Here again, there is an amazing convergence with the Mayan Calendar.  The Mayan Calendar consists of 20 Daylords, one corresponding to each solar day.  The Daylords are forces of nature, similar in principle to the signs of the Zodiac in Western astrology.  The 20 day cycle of the Daylords mirrors the Mayan creation story, beginning with Imux, the waters of creation, and ending with Ajpu, the flowering of creation.  The current cycle lines up perfectly with Oxlajuj Baktun, beginning on December 2 with Imux, and culminating on December 21 with Ajpu.  It is also most interesting that December 12, or 12/12/12, which many believe is highly significant, just happens to be the Mayan New Year, or Waqxaqui B’atz, which is on a different day every year, and which is one of the most sacred days of the year to the Maya.

And this, in fact, is how it is stacking up.  Winter Solstice this year will be a time of unprecedented ceremony at sacred sites around the globe, indigenous and non-indigenous alike.  Places like Guatemala and Peru will be flooded with spiritual pilgrims.  I am leading a candlelight ceremony at the Shasta Yoga Center, and I was told recently that the hotels in Mount Shasta have been sold out for months (probably not all for my event).  Tata Erick and his circle of elders, from many different nations, along with a band of kindred spirits, will be in ceremony in Guatemala for seven days around Oxlajuj Baktun.

Yes, this is a time to gather around our ceremonial fires.  And if you’re alone, and not able to make it to a sacred site, make wherever you are a sacred site.  You can begin building your altar by lighting a candle and placing it on a table.  This is a time to stay close to the fire, which means to keep the ceremony going with our vibration and with our intent, even when we are outside the circle.  All of our ceremony begins with the same thing.  This is to get our energy right by relaxing and breathing, and letting go of all of our daily concerns by leaving them outside the circle.  This is a time to send the offering of our prayers to the creation, and to pray for guidance with the great challenge of the transformation that is before us.  This is a time to raise the frequency of our vibration, and to reach out to higher dimensions, with our music, our songs and our chants, with our rattles, drums and singing bowls.  These are the ways I participate in ceremony.  Whatever ways you might do it, even if they’re different, now is the time to do it.  And when we’re not in ceremony, these are times to be doing the work of reassuming complete responsibility for our own lives, and learning how to live in sustainable communities.  There is no time to waste.

And yes, I’m hearing this same message echoed from other elders from other traditions.  The following is taken from an email I recently received from Sweet Medicine, an elder of Chickasaw/Choctaw lineage, from the Three Sisters area of central Oregon:

We of Inter-American Council on Indigenous Spirituality send a message that for our lives to flourish, the sacred Fires must be kept alive within this time of the darkest nights. We are requesting that all participate either in our community gatherings on December 21st and 22nd or in the privacy of your own homes, by lighting a candle or building a special fire within your open fire places. This sacred fire is vital to the future.  Dec 21, 2012 will be the Changing time.

The centerpiece of our ceremonies should be at sunrise on December 21.  This is the moment of perfect alignment and the moment the beam of light shoots through the portal.  I recommend getting up several hours before, and sitting in the darkness with these incredibly unique and powerful energies.  This time, and even ordinary Solstices for that matter, is such a beautiful interplay and juxtaposition of the darkness and the light.  If you’re able to do an all-nighter, it’s a great time for it.  I will at my home in Shasta, sitting before two candlelit altars in front of a window facing the east, with a view of the sunrise that is slightly obstructed by trees.  This is the moment all of our other ceremonies are preparing us for.  I will also be having a Mayan Fire Ceremony in the middle of the day, and then the candlelight ceremony in the evening at Shasta Yoga Center.

There is one final piece we must add to make this complete, and this final piece is the one where we add our own particular magic as human beings.  So far, we have only talked about connecting with this beam of light, and resonating with it with our energy.  When we do this, particularly in mass numbers at sacred sites spanning the globe, there is something else we do that comes along with this.  We create energy.  We create energy with our ceremonies, with our prayers, with our fires, with our songs, and with the gratitude and reverence we send into the heavens.  So, not only do we merge with this beam of light, we also enhance it with the energy we bring.  This is the nature of our work as spiritual beings, and this is the relationship we seek to have with the rest of creation and with the web of life.  Here’s something I love about all this.  Even if all this stuff about 2012 and the shift is a bunch of bunk, we’re still going to create so much energy that the world will never be the same.  So, it isn’t a bunch of bunk.  Maybe this truly is the tipping point.

On December 22, there is a good chance the physical world may look the same as it does now.  To the average person it might seem as though nothing has happened.  And yet, on an energetic and spiritual level, the world has changed, and never will be the same again.   And many of us have made the choice to change along with it.  A new world has been born, and this is where we live now.  It is a world of higher frequency energy, and we can’t ever come back.  The world is so new we can barely see it.  It is a world with no real form, existing mostly as potential.  It is like a fertilized egg that is still in the darkness of the womb, with all of its growth, and its entire life ahead of it.  By definition, it exists on a much smaller scale because there are relatively few of us who have made the choice and the commitment to create it.  Very importantly, it also exists in the visions of those of us who are creating it.  These visions are beginning to crystallize and to take physical and spiritual form, and they will continue to do so, as we continue to do the work of flowing with these transformative energies.

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